How to Join

Join RIF as an SP

RENU is a membership organization collectively owned by tertiary education institutions of Uganda as well as dedicated research organizations. In order to join RIF as a Service Provider (SP), an institution, organization, or company DOES NOT have to first become a member of RENU.

An education or research institution that is subscribed to RENU membership, and has a desire to share resources as a Service Provider, can freely request for membership to the RIF, and can be admitted into RIF at no cost. The organisation has to formally apply for membership by filling out this form, and must also commit to being bound by the RENU Identity Federation Policy and the various addenda.

Organisations that are not subscribed to RENU membership, and have a desire to join the RIF as an SP only,  can  join through a different application process under non-member terms. Please contact the RENU Secretariat for more details.